ELIMANE GROUP SA., «Une synergie émergente»

ELIMANE GROUP SA was created in 2000, the company is at the moot of the creation of other companies in the commercial and industrial sector throughout the West African sub region. Its registered office is in Bamako (Mali).
From its creation, ELIMANE GROUP SA. specialized itself in the importation, the marketing of agricultural and foodstuffs products such as rice, sugar, vegetable oil, powdered milk, tomato paste, sardine, tea, fruit juices, soft drinks and the exportation of Cashew nuts and Shea butter, sesame seed and cotton...
We operate a dedicated distribution network that covers Mali, and the last border town of Burkina (Bobo Dioulasso).
Our products are imported from Europe, Asia and America through the ports of Tema (Ghana), Lome (Togo), particularly in Dakar (Senegal), where we work with transit companies specialized.